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It’s time to up your Endpoint security game
A combination of cyber smarts and a comprehensive Endpoint security solution is the key to keeping safe from cybercrime.
Endpoint Security
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What the Fibre with moving?
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Vox ICE featured on Kyknet's Met 'n Huppel in die Stap
Watch and listen to Rudi Potgieter, Executive Head for Guardian Eye at Vox, as he speaks about Vox ICE (In Case of Emergency), a first of its kind in the country. It sees the international best practice combined with the local expertise and insights of Vox to deliver an affordable and user-friendly solution that addresses the problem of monitoring the elderly who live independently at home in a non-intrusive manner. Designed and developed by several professionals from the medical, paramedical, and social sectors, Vox ICE consists of motion sensors installed at strategic places inside the house and a wearable alert pendant. This non-invasive solution runs movement data captured by the sensors through a deep learning engine that builds trends and events around the elderly person living on their own.
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Distributed working does not mean distributed attention: keeping employees engaged in t...
A year on from our hard lockdown it is evident that Covid-19 sped up all aspects of digital transformation, and distributed working is a reality that is here to stay in one way or another. Distributed working, however, does not need to mean distributed attention, and companies that are able to instil an engaged culture supported by the right tools will improve their productivity and team efficiencies notably.
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Doing business on demand with modern applications
Having grown accustomed to seamless experiences with their personal apps, business owners and managers are increasingly looking for business applications that integrate with each other, and use a shared data pool to provide users with real-time information or recommendations that helps them to do their job more efficiently - without being asked to do so. The challenge for organisations is that traditional applications were built around the functionality they offered, and not the user experience. In addition, these systems often operate independently of each other, leaving employees with the task of manually moving data between applications. This leads to inefficiencies, increases the possibility of errors and even missed opportunities. Modern applications change all of this by providing an end-to-end user-centric solution that is designed to make the workplace more efficient by presenting valuable information on demand, doing much of the mundane tasks, and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities - and this ease of doing business will be crucial going forward.
Braintree wins data specialist business and extends market leadership | Vox Blog
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How to Work from Home Without Getting Fired

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